Welcome to York University Canoe Club; one of the friendliest and most exciting sports clubs at the University of York! At York, we aim to get everyone, from complete beginners to hardened white water paddlers, involved in all types of paddle-sport.

We've travelled all over the world; from Wales and Scotland, to Uganda and Norway, and with close ties with some of the best kayaking coaches in the UK, we can offer you a fantastic experience, wherever you want kayaking to take you.

Pool Sessions are every Sunday evening and are a great opportunity to practice and improve skills. We run river trips on Saturdays, which are for all abilities; talk to our captain, Ollie, for more info. YUCCs campus-renowned socials are usually on a Wednesday; talk to our social secretarys for details.

Finally, check out our forum for all the latest news, banter and details of what we're up to!

General Info

Confusingly, we're called the canoe club but we actually use kayaks, not canoes. The differences are that canoes are generally two person (kayaks can be, but generally aren’t), open-topped, and you use a one bladed paddle as opposed to a kayak paddle which has two blades.

When and Where

Each week the club usually hosts a social, a river trip and a training session. Socials usually take place on a Wednesday evening, with river trips on Saturdays and training sessions on Sundays.


So you want to join, what is in our (not so) humble opinion, the best and most worthwhile club at York.

Well it’s easy; just turn up to a social, the fresher’s paddle, or email us to get a place on the next Pool Session or river trip. Membership costs just £20 and lasts for the whole year!

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You can reach us by email at canoe@yusu.org. Alternately, send your message from the contact form on this page