When and Where

Our schedules vary, however, we stick to a basic routine as far as paddling is concerned, socials are another matter! We have usually one social a week, with different themes and locations. Emails go out from our lovely social sec to let us know early in the week, or sooner if it's especially elaborate.

Day Time Place Meeting Cost (ish)
Saturday 9am River trip Container Varies £5 -£10
Sunday 18:30 Pool Session Container £6

River trips are usually in Yorkshire, and are very dependent on the level of the local rivers. Frequently used rivers include the Wharfe and the Tees. In the spring time we occasionally head to the seaside for some surfing, or failing that, paddling the caves at Flamborough Head.

What to bring

Pool sessions:

  • Swim wear
  • Towel
  • Money for session (and pub after)

River trips:

You need to bring a bit more for river trips, however, we can supply you with most of the essentials. We have club boats, paddles, helmets, buoyancy aids, spray decks, splash tops and wetsuits. There are a few essential things you do need to bring to keep you warm and happy.

  • Warm, (non-cotton!) layers to wear on the river. Asda and Tesco have great, cheap fleeces, and you can pick up cheap thermals from army supply stores. Cotton will only make you colder!
  • An old pair of trainers you don't mind ruining or a pair of water shoes
  • Dry (and warm) clothes for after the river
  • A thermos of tea or chocolate, plus chocolate for the river
  • Money for the trip and the pub later.

We'll always let you know how much the trip will cost before hand, but we do ask that you bring money on the day so our lovely drivers don't have to bankroll us!

We always meet at the canoe club container. It's behind the sports center, at the end of the car park. You can usually tell which one it is as it has a bunch of people outside strapping kayaks to the tops of cars.

Container Location


You can reach us by email at canoe@yusu.org. Alternately, send your message from the contact form on this page