Canoe Polo

Recently dubbed "one of the coolest sports on campus" Canoe Polo is one of THE most fun sports you can ever play! Played in a pool or on flat water, it involves 14 players (including Subs) in kayaks trying to score goals in nets suspended two metres above the water. Fast paced and energetic Canoe Polo is an excellent opportunity to improve fitness and basic paddling skills, so even if it's white water you're interested in YUCPC is still the club for you!

In addition to all this; we compete annually at Roses and BUCS, and enter two teams into the Yorkshire league to win honour and prestige for the University....or atleast try to!

If you'd like some more information drop us an email and someone will get back to you asap...we're a very friendly bunch :)

Find out what Nouse reporter Adam Shergold had to say when he joined YUCPC for the day:

Similarly, former York Sport President Emily Scott came along to a pool session back a few years ago, read what she thought here:

For more information e-mail our president - Gabsy or visit our own website.


You can reach us by email at Alternately, send your message from the contact form on this page