General Info


Confusingly, we're called the canoe club but we actually use kayaks, not canoes. The differences are that canoes are generally two person (kayaks can be, but generally aren’t), open-topped, and you use a one bladed paddle as opposed to a kayak paddle which has two blades.

The really important differences however are that kayaks are short, manoeuvrable, made of durable materials so you can hit rocks and not sink, you're properly strapped in to the boat and it's fully covered - no water can get in. This means that you can take a kayak onto nice gnarly white water and have fun without it sinking or shattering under you!

What we do

  1. Paddle rivers:
  2. We take our kayaks down reasonably fast flowing rivers with waterfalls and rapid sections. Don't worry - we do easier stuff to start off with, you'll be taught how to kayak properly before going down proper foamy stuff!

  3. Pool sessions:
  4. Pool sessions are where you get to practice all your skills you'll need for white water in the comfort of a warm heated pool.

  5. Surf:
  6. Generally during the summer months when the sea is comparatively warm and river levels are quite low, we take our kayaks to Scarborough and catch some waves. It's good fun, and I'm told its easier to do than "proper" surfing.

  7. Canoe Polo:
  8. We have a sister club that play canoe polo – it’s a great way to improve your boat handling skills. Click here for more information.

  9. Snowboating:
  10. In the winter if there is a decent amount of snow we find a hill, mount out kayaks, and travel down it at a high velocity!


As well as the weekly river trips we run weekend trips each term to various parts of the UK- last year we went to the Lake District, Scotland, Wales as well as two mega student kayaking weekends: The Tyne Tour and NSR. After term ends in the summer there is also a two-week epic to the adventurous and quick flowing rivers of the French Alps.

The trips are a great way to get to know the club: camping, sleeping in bunkhouses and eating massive amounts of chili, be it manly, wettie or veggie; as well as paddling some new rivers.


Our socials are immense we have a big range of activities from the formal AU dinner and our annual Christmas meal, to the weekly themed socials. We also meet have an annual beach party where we have a barbeque, much beer and sleep on the beach!

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