Meet the team


Name: Max Hill
Position: Captain
Nickname: El Capitan
Boat of choice: Dagger Ego
Words of wisdom: "Swimming is Winning!"


Name: Adam Tilley
Position: Secretary
Boat of choice: "Which one do I fit in again?"
Words of wisdom: "If in doubt....paddle"


Name: Caolan Forbes
Position: Treasurer
Nickname: Dildo
Boat of choice: Inflatable dinghy
Words of wisdom: "The trick is to stay in the boat"

Safety Officer

Name: Abi Enston
Position: Safety Officer
Nickname: Squeaky
Boat of choice: Zet Veloc
Words of wisdom: "You can't roll a crocodile"

Training Officer

Name: Alaska Simpson
Position: Training Officer
Boat of choice: Wavesport diesel
Words of wisdom: "There's always time for boating"

Equipment Representative

Name: Elspeth Adams
Position: Equipment Representative
Boat of choice: Small Mark 2 Burn (Deedee)
Words of wisdom: "Just do it already"


Name: Adam Lett
Position: Webmaster
Boat of choice: "GTX"
Words of wisdom: "Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming..."

Merchandise, Press and Publicity Representative (MPP)

Name: Anna Willberg
Position: Merchandise, Press and Publicity Representative (MPP)
Nickname: Whineberg
Boat of choice: Yellow fluid
Words of wisdom: "I'm scared"

Social Secretary 1

Name: Dan Heenan
Position: Social Sec
Boat of choice: The mighty Everest
Words of wisdom: "When in doubt, eddy out"

Social Secretary 2

Name: Josh Lucius
Position: Social Sec
Boat of choice: That one that Dan also wants
Words of wisdom: "I'm a really good example of how not to do it"

Ordinary Officer 1

Name: Gabsy Holley
Position: Ordinary Officer
Boat of choice: "The blue one that begins with a G"
Words of wisdom: "If in doubt, swim harder."

Ordinary Officer 2

Name: Alex Hall Smith
Position: Ordinary Officer
Nickname: 2 star
Boat of choice: Z1
Words of wisdom: "Don't really have any words of wisdom"

Polo Committee

Members of the Canoe Polo committee


You can reach us by email at Alternately, send your message from the contact form on this page