Meet the team


Name: Ollie Voak
Position: Captain
Why I Joined: I have always loved extreme sports and YUCC allowed me to continue this at university. The best thing about YUCC is that everyone you meet is completetly different but shares the same passion for adventure
Top Tip For Freshers: Kayaking can sometimes get a little cold, but dont let this put you off! As long as you have a couple of thermals you'll be good!


Name: Rose Hemmingway
Position: Secretary
Why I Joined: I kayaked with my family before uni and have always loved high adrenaline sports so it only made sense to join YUCC once I got to York. This club has opened so many doors to amazing opportunities that I wouldnt have dreamed about without it.
Top Tip For Freshers: Sometimes rivers can get a bit overwhelming but there's so many people there to help you out, you just have to believe you can do it. The best feeling in the world is smashing a rapid you were terrified of running.


Name: Poppy Stanton
Position: Treasurer
Why I Joined: To try something completely new with a little bit of excitement. Also there are a range of different skills you can go into like surfing and play boating. really friendly community and all round fantastic club!
Top Tip For Freshers: Top tips i guess would be to stick with a skill when you are learning it and keep going to pool sessions to crack it- especially rolling! And also to get the most out of the club by coming along to socials and meeting people, non- drinking or drinking.

Safety Officer

Name: Laska Simpson
Position: Safety Officer
Why I Joined: I paddled before uni and wanted to continue. Then stuck around because the club is very friendly and full of people who want to help you improve.
Top Tip For Freshers: Come along and give it a go, and dont get disheartened if you don't get it straight away, there's lots of people about who've been in the same situation and are happy to help you improve.

Training Officer

Name: Tom Dugdale
Position: Training Officer
Why I Joined: I joined the canoe club here at uoy so i can continue boating whilst at uni. I've been able to practice my skills and improve em whilst paddling on white water.
Top Tip For Freshers: Don't be frustrated if you don't learn something straight away, it's all about practice and patience. and come to our socials for some sick nights in flares.

Kit Officer

Name: Alex Hall-Smith
Position: Kit Officer
Why I Joined: The main reason i joined was because its a good laugh and like a family away from home.
Top Tip For Freshers: Top tip would be throw yourself into it, swimming is winning.

Merchandise, Press and Publicity Representative (MPP)

Name: Danielle Huddlestan
Position: MPP
Why I Joined: I joined to meet new people outside of my course and flat. I have made some of the best friends and the trips are great!
Top Tip For Freshers: Don't be afraid to come to a social when you first join, it's the best way to meet everyone. also, if you can't decide whether to wear a cag, put it on- better to be too hot than too cold.

Social Secretary

Name: Alastair Lavery
Position: Social Secretary
Why I Joined: I joined to find a group of decent paddlers who enjoy white water, and yucc has definitely checked those boxes.
Top Tip For Freshers: I'd say always ask people for advice or tips, don't struggle on your own.

Polo Committee

Members of the Canoe Polo committee


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